Fall for Greenville at the Upstate’s Premier Autumn Celebration

With pumpkins on every menu, sweater’s being pulled out of the closet, and spooks and haunts prepping for Halloween, autumn brings one more tradition to the upstate: Fall for Greenville.

Boasting a host of delicious vendors, Fall for Greenville is a premier destination of foodies across America, and features the signature and delicious blend of flavors that Greenville’s ever growing culinary culture has to offer. From October 10th through the 12th, downtown Greenville will be converted into a food MECA, with vendors including Table 301 restaurants,┬áLarkins, and a host of other delectable local options.

Fall for Greenville offers a terrific lineup of local musical artists as well. Some of this year’s headlining acts include Old 97’s, Shovels & Rope, Mac Arnold, and dozens more. These artists range from bluegrass and folk, to blues and even rock.

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Make sure to go on the web for more information about Fall for Greenville, and for information about booking your South Eastern Transportation, visit us on the web.


A History of Luxury

While limos certainly have a luxurious connotation and an air of stuffiness, the history of the limousine is far more exciting than a lavish vehicle funded by a few people with too much money on their hands.

The first limos originated in “Limousin” province of France in 1902, and the term limousine is actually derived from the region. But unlike the luxurious connotation of the name today, limousine’s actually kept the namesake because the vehicle’s covered compartment bared similar resemblance to the raised hood of the cloaks worn by shepherds in the region. Certainly humble beginnings for one of today’s markers in luxury.

The first stretch limos didn’t come until nearly 26 years later and over 4500 miles East, when a Fort Smith coach company named Armbruster created a vehicle that could fit an entire jazz orchestra in one cab. This quickly became the famous transport for band leaders such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodmen, and their musicians, giving stretch limos the nick name “big band busses”.

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